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Neev Lingerie

Celebrate your everyday beauty with Neev's lingerie
Neev is an ultra contemporary lingerie and sleepwear brand for all women. With 20+ years of experience in garment making, industry knowledge and production skills, Neev is here to deliver the latest trends, as well as timeless classics.
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Neev’s products are designed to satisfy the needs and tastes of the modern woman . Our creative team is always in search of top quality fabrics, the softest cottons and the most luxurious silks.
As a modern lingerie brand, our goal at Neev is to be accessible to all women. Our focus is to develop, create, and design lingerie and sleepwear for our future customers, while providing exemplary customer service to our loyal clients.
At Neev's, a woman’s well-being is our top priority, that’s why our latest collection is about comfort and ease. Each garment is made with precision, the highest attention to detail and much love for the product.